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Personal Injury

“Ada Wong is a knowledgable, smart and professional! She kept me informed and educated me on the process of my case. She is timely and responsive. She has great energy and enthusiasm in a otherwise extensive process.  She has the grit and tenacity that I was looking for!
 – Derek S.,WA

Being involved in an accident or having a family member injured in an accident is a terrible thing to deal with.  Personal injury matters include: auto collisions, bicyclist collisions, pedestrian accidents, hit-and-run, accidents caused by drunk drivers, wrongful death, negligent design or maintenance of a roadway, dog bites, slip-and-fall, products liability, and premises liability.  


Injuries include whiplash, broken bones, nerve damage, tissue damage, post traumatic stress disorder, organ and reproductive systems damages, rotated shoulder cuffs, serious head injuries, spinal cord damage, etc.  Many times, those involved in accidents may not even feel any pain or suffering until days after the incident.  However, you should seek treatment immediately as you never know what happened despite not feeling it immediately. 


Whether you or a loved one was invovled injured or you know someone who died as a result, contact an attorney immediately.  In Washington, the statute of limitations for personal injury (a "tort") is generally 3 years from the date of the incident.  In California, it is even shorter--two years from the date of the incident.  


Many times, an injured person elects to deal with the insurance companies on his or her own--any attorney will tell you that this is not recommended.  Insurance companies are NOT your friend and does not have your best interest in mind.  But once you sign a settlement agreement and waiver and releases of all claims, there's no going back.  


Damages a plaintiff can seek include medical expenses, wage loss, emotional distress, property damages, prescription costs, future wage loss, future medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of enjoyment, etc.   


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